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Preparing for Surgery

Once you and your physician have scheduled a date and time for your surgical procedure at the Surgery Center of Weston, one of the knowledgeable pre-op nurses will contact you regarding the important things to keep in mind for your surgery. Regardless of what type of procedure it is, many require patients to avoid eating or drinking for a certain period before the procedure or there may be a certain medicine you need to take leading up your surgery. The skilled nurses at the Surgery Center of Weston will ensure that you know everything about your surgery so it goes as smoothly as possible.

The biggest question most patients have is why they can’t eat before a surgical procedure. Fasting before surgery is vitally important for patient safety. Many surgical procedures involve anesthesia to put a patient to sleep so they are unconscious for the actual procedure. This inhibits normal body functions such as swallowing and your gag reflex. Any undigested food can pose real problems should your body attempt to regurgitate it during your procedure causing pulmonary aspiration, when food or drink does down the “wrong tube” so to speak and ends up in the windpipe. Nausea is also very common for patients who receive anesthesia and an empty stomach can help reduce feelings of queasiness.  The staff will ensure beforehand that you don’t take any medications which could interfere with the anesthesia.

On the day of your procedure, the pre-op nurses will instruct you on what time to arrive at the facility. They will then admit you as a patient before prepping you for your procedure. Pediatric patients need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and they must remain at the center while their child is in surgery. Please don’t hesitate to bring your child’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket to help with the pre-procedure anxiety. The comfort and well-being of every patient is a top priority at the Surgery Center of Weston and the dedicated staff go out of their way to ensure every patient feels as safe and comfortable as possible.

Please feel free to ask our staff any questions you may have about the particulars of your procedure. The Surgery Center of Weston can be reached at (954) 217-3101 during normal business hours.

Post Surgery

Aftercare is an important service provided at the Surgery Center of Weston. Following a procedure, patients are brought to the recovery room where they are looked after by the staff of registered nurses and anesthesiologists. Patients can stay in the recovery room until they feel ready to go home. Recovery room time depends on the type of procedure and the patient, but most patients are free to go home after an hour or two. The main purpose of the recovery room is to ensure you came back from the anesthesia without complications and to explain certain post-op care instructions. It’s helpful to have someone with you in the recovery room to listen to the instructions as many people waking up from anesthesia are a little groggy at first and might not catch everything the doctor said.

Anyone who has undergone anesthesia should be given a ride home and have a responsible adult on hand for the next 24 hours to assist them. It’s important that someone who has recently been administered anesthesia to avoid driving a car, operating machinery, signing legal documents, making big decisions or drinking alcohol or using other non-approved medications. Anesthesia can make someone feel fatigued even after waking up so it’s recommended that patients take the proper time to feel better before returning to work or school. Outpatient procedures are generally less invasive and require less recovery time than other, more serious surgeries, but it’s still important to take it easy and make a full recovery so you don’t cause any complications.  Your physician will explain all about rest, diet and medications to ensure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Following your doctor’s instructions after surgery is the best way to prevent complications and speed up recovery time. Should you experience any unexpected problems following your procedure, call your doctor to discuss it or seek immediate medical care in the case of an emergency.

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